Jens R. Chapman, MD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Services and treatment specialties: Orthopedics, spine surgery, spine deformity, pain, trauma/fractures, tumor/oncology

The human spine from head to tailbone fulfills many useful functions when healthy. Unfortunately, there are many disorders which can cause significant trouble for patients. Dr. Chapman is keen on understanding the underlying pathology as clearly as possible and finding the best possible non-operative or surgical options for patients to be able to achieve a lasting, improved quality of life.

In his third decade of spine care, Dr. Chapman has accumulated significant experiences in all areas of spine care including spine fractions, all dysplasia, tumors, infections, deformity, sports related spine injuries. Dr. Chapmanā€™s practice covers all anatomic regions of the spine and he utilizes state of the art technology to achieve optimal outcomes.