David Ziring, MD
Disclosures: Speakers Bureau-Abbott Laboratories

I have dedicated my life to helping children with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  I received my medical degree from the Chicago Medical School concurrently with earning my Master’s degree in Clinical Immunology.  My thesis topic was the current state of understanding of the immune system in IBD.  I went on to receive residency training in Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Orange County.  I then pursued subspecialty training in Pediatric Gastroenterology at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine with Dr. Marvin Ament and associated faculty, concentrating my research efforts on the regulation of the immune system in IBD with my research mentor, Dr. Jonathan Braun.

I was instrumental in describing the contribution of the gene CNR2, to IBD pathogenesis, working with collaborators at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  I have since migrated research interests from working in the laboratory with animal models to studies involving patients with IBD.  This work resulted in the award of a Broad Medical Research Program grant to study the immunomodulatory effects of large doses of vitamin D in children with Crohn’s disease. 

Besides my research and direct patient care, I work closely with the IBD community.  I serve as the medical director of the CCFA’s national Team Challenge Half-Marathons, with events in Napa, San Antonio, Miami, and Hawaii that have raised more than 30 million dollars to date.  I have been a volunteer physician for the last eight years with the CCFA’s summer program (Camp Oasis), caring for more than 120 children with IBD each summer.

I served as the primary investigator and UCLA’s representative for the CCFA’s national Pediatric Research Network (PRO-KIIDS) and as a member of the IBD Committee for the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (NASPGHAN).  I have given lectures on topics as diverse as skeletal health in children with IBD to the successful transition of care of teens with IBD at regional academic centers.  And I continue to publish extensively, on various topics important to the care of children with IBD, including healthcare utilization and predictors of complicated disease.

I serve as Associate Director of the Pediatric IBD Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team-based approach to providing holistic care to children with IBD and their families.